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microSURE Surface Sanitizer kills germs, bacteria, and viruses by forming crystalline structures while bonding to the surfaces

Why is microSURE different from others?

Unlike conventional chemical kill products, microSURE Surface Sanitizer's nano-technology forms a barrier onto the surface, acting as a mechanical kill device. 


Health specialists have developed microSURE, and doctors have used it in places that demand high sanitizing standards. Such as operating rooms and hospitals.

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Safe and clean spaces:

microSURE MULTI-SURFACE SANITIZER is a water-based, nano-particle fast-acting silica formula designed to mechanically kill bacteria, fungi, as well as mold and algae. microSURE can also inactivate or destroy viruses.

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How does microSURE work on surfaces?

Its formula forms a covalent bond with the surface that mechanically kills germs, bacteria, and pathogens at contact.

  • Once applied, microSURE surface sanitizer provides  antimicrobial protection

  • Our formula kills germs on contact and leaves an invisible, "breathable" barrier.

  • The invisible "shield" allows people to experience heightened protection before and after exposure to harmful pathogens, keeping surfaces sanitized.

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microSURE helps sport teams to reducing infection risks

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Industries we serve:
  • Schools

  • Restaurants

  • Hospitals

  • Airlines

  • Leisure and Travel

  • Convention Centers

  • Sports Centers

  • Retail & Public Services

  • Manufacturing