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FAQs about microSURE Hand Sanitizer
How does microSURE Hand Sanitizer eventually wear off?

Eventually, over time, this product will wear off on the skin. This is mainly because your skin sheds naturally and sloughs off throughout the day as you are engange in common activities such as washing and drying of hands, touching of surfaces etc.

Does the product wear off with sweat?

Direct sweat testing has not been conducted, but as you perspire and the skin cells on your skin begin to shed, there will be eventual wearing off of the product over time.

Will this product prevent me from getting infected with COVID-19?

No. This product is a hand sanitizer, not a vaccine or prescription medication.

Will this product wear off if I apply sun-screen, other hand sanitizer types, skin lotions , creams, or wash my hands with soap and water?

Using lotions, oils, alcohol based hand sanitizers, and washing of hands with soap and water will not immediately dissociate the bonds created between the skin and the product; however, constant application of these products or vigorous and continuous rubbing may cause the product to wear off sooner than expected.

Are there any known allergic reactions to bare skin or skin with lotions applied?

Presently, there have not been any known or documented allergies from individuals using this product.

FAQs about microSURE Hand Sanitizer and Multi-Surface Sanitizer